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  • Crushing Dyslexia: The "How-To" Book of Effective Methods for Helping People With Dyslexia by Carol S. Fitzpatrick, M.S. Ed. is a useful and handy guide for all parents, teachers, tutors, counselors, and therapists to meet the challenges of handling dyslexic children, students, and patients by giving them the right methods. The book has four parts; the first part is about preparation, second about the basic reading skills, third is about advanced reading skills, and the last part deals with writing. This is a book where science meets the art of teaching and where reading and writing become possible for all those with dyslexia.

    This book gives hope to all those who either have or are dealing with people with dyslexia and the author handles the topic methodically. The simple methods shared in the book really work and the author's personal experiences give credibility to her words. The author uses diagrams so that readers can understand the workings of a dyslexic brain. Reading this book is helpful to many people who will realize that dyslexia is not a disease, deformity, or a disaster, but a phonological processing problem. It is a method that any parent or teacher can learn and adapt into their teaching routines. This is a book that will give hope to a lot of readers dealing with dyslexia and will help them to understand what dyslexia is all about and how to tackle it properly. It is imperative that parents and teachers make the effective accommodations for dyslexia so that struggling readers will emerge stronger. 
                                                            - Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite