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Crushing Dyslexia Sample

Here is your free sample of the first 50 pages of Crushing Dyslexia!

We hope you are informed and encouraged. There are so many more practical ideas and information in the rest of the book, too! Don’t wait, buy one today!


Downloadable Pages from Our E-Book

It is always our goal to help parents, teachers, and tutors succeed in working with people who struggle with dyslexia. That’s why we have spent years developing our books, video series, and other teaching resources. When we wrote our first e-book, it became clear that our readers would not be able to download the pages we added that are blackline masters. They are all here as PDFs that are ready to be used immediately for teaching.

If you have not yet purchased the book, you may still use these pages, but all the instructions and information are in the book. It’s never too late to get your own invaluable resource, Crushing Dyslexia.

Downloadable Pages from Crushing Dyslexia 2018


Rainbow Cards (Set 1)

Your Free Gift

We hope you will enjoy using our Rainbow Cards - Set 1 Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Words with your students. We have included one easy game that encourages blending sounds into words. This is a skill that is difficult for people with dyslexia, but this simple game has helped many students develop this essential skill while having fun.

Rainbow Cards Set 1


The Six Basic Syllable Types

These Generalizations by C. Wilson Anderson provide almost all the basic alphabetic patterns in the English language condensed into a few short pages. They have been foundational to all my work. He has freely allowed me to use them for many years, and revise and update them slightly for my book, Crushing Dyslexia. 

Six Basic Syllable Types


List of Common Sight Words and Homonyms

The hardest words our struggling readers encounter are the ones that do not follow the alphabetic principles of our language. They must be taught one by one with as many multisensory techniques as possible. The chapter “How to Teach Spelling” in my book Crushing Dyslexia gives you several tips on how to do this.

List of Sight Words and Homonyms


The Comprehension Star Game

When your student finishes reading a passage, play this game and see how many points he or she can win. When first beginning, students may have trouble answering the questions that are worth more than 1 point. If you keep modeling how to do it, they will soon catch on. Enjoy the time with your students!

The Comprehension Star Game