Praise for Our Seminar

Here are just a few comments from the people attending our seminar in 2017:

Amazing Material! You could have spent a day on each topic! Grateful for the opportunity! Excited to implement!

Stephanie P. ~ Local school Administrator


I learned so much more here than I have in an entire semester of some of my classes. Thank you for your enthusiasm and incredible knowledge!

Amber K. ~ Student Teacher


Thank you from a parent who desperately wants to help her son. This has been an answer to our prayers. Your are a Godsend!

Jenny P. ~ Homeschooling mom


    • Excellent speaker and very entertaining
    • Practical, hands-on material that is ready to use...
    • Very straightforward and fun for the kids.
    • Love the kinesthetic [body movement] aspect of the learning.
Mariah R, ~ Special Ed Teacher from Canada


Thank you for such a comprehensive seminar. I am very excited to use these materials in my classroom! And, at home with my daughter. Do this again to help more people!

Lisa C. ~ Canadian Teacher and Parent


Carol's games are just the tools I need to incorporate into my tutoring. The are fun, creative, and multisensory! Love the storytelling, too!

Noelle G. ~ Mom and Tutor