Free Phone Discussion

Many times, concerned (sometimes desperate) parents need an encouraging voice as they try to help their struggling child. For years, I have offered a free 30-minute interview where we can discuss the things that are worrying them in an unstressed and unrushed manner.  I love being able to help them find their way through all the confusing information about dyslexia, but first, please watch this video that I produced about dyslexia. It will answer most of the general questions you have, so we can focus our 30 minutes on your specific issues. Then give me a call so we can set up an appointment for our conversation that is convenient for both of us (evenings usually work best for me). My number is 480-999-4449.

For an even more focused consultation, ask Carol to send you the "Parent Questionnaire" ahead of time, fill it in, and return it before our discussion.